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Customise your roast to your liking, whether you prefer simplicity or complexity, with a wide range of profiles to choose from.

Through the LINK App, you can utilise density tube integration, select the desired process and variety, and rely on your mobile device to aid you in custom-built profiling as you navigate the roasting experience.

The travel case is military-grade and water-resistant, making it the perfect travel companion that guarantees true expression, allowing you to assess samples anytime, anywhere.

The Link brings precision and consistency to the roasting experience. Each roast starts at room temperature, with the internal bean temperature matching the ambient roast temperature right from the beginning. This makes for a more even roast, lowers sample CO₂ levels and allows you to taste the full potential of your coffee much earlier.

Link Studio software offers a comprehensive selection of more than 205 core profiles, along with advanced live tracking technology. This powerful combination empowers you with the flexibility to customise your profile preferences and effortlessly monitor and document the modifications throughout the entire roasting process. With Link Studio, you can truly take control of your roasting experience.