Was established in March 2014 by a group of professional skilled IT engineers. They are mainly focusing on spectrum technology for food inspection and we have invested a lot of resource on developing food inspecting application. Since their engineers love coffee really much, therefore the coffee relevant instrument is the first product line they are aiming at, they expect to devote our ability to coffee quality improvement, they expect innovative design for advanced, good quality and friendly coffee inspecting related instruments.

Through advanced technology and sophisticated facilities, Lighttells is determined to provide superior design, service and quality control. Listening feedback from customers and materializing their needs are our promises.

Lighttells Design Team, an innovative design team,is formed by a group of young people who have great passion for creative works.


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Coffee Roast And Ground Size AnalyserCoffee Roast And Ground Size Analyser
Coffee Moisture And Density AnalyserCoffee Moisture And Density Analyser
AW-600 Water AnalyzerAW-600 Water Analyzer
AW-600 Water Analyzer Sale price$ 49,900.00