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Designed to pair with the Sense Carafe, Sense Glass is designed to enhance the perception of aromatics.

The Sense Glass adopts the shape of the original Sense Cup, in a luxurious glass body. A real feeling of high quality, a lightweight and delicate glass made for enjoying the most special coffees. With capacity for 275ml (9.3oz), this glass is perfect for brewing directly into, or pairing with a carafe for small sips.

‍Made for Coffee

Orea leans in with an intentionally designed single wall glass for specialty coffee. The neck provides a comfortable and cool place to grab the glass, even when the body has warm coffee in it. This contact point allows us to enjoy a single wall glass for the most beautiful of coffees. Touch and sight are essential parts of the sensory experience and this glass helps us connect with both. This is also a fantastic glass for ice beverages (flash brew, cold brew, etc).

‍For Coffee and More

You can use these beautiful glasses for other beverages like wine and beer. The shape enhances aromatics and spreads liquid evenly across the palate, helping you notice more flavor nuances in your beverage.

Sense Glass is handcrafted from lab-grade Borosilicate glass, and is built for durability.