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The Niche Duo is a single dosing coffee grinder, with professional grade 83mm flat Mazzer burrs.

The Niche Duo is suitable for espresso and filter brewing* and delivers bright and clear brews.

With the appropriate burr set installed*, use the infinite dial adjustment to precisely select the grind setting for your desired brew and then pour your beans into the funnel and flick the switch – quick and simple.

Thanks to its patented straight through design, virtually no grind is retained in the grinder. Having extracted all of the flavour from every bean you’ll be ready to create barista quality coffee every single time.

*The espresso burr set is capable of producing great filter brews. The filter burr set is not capable of grinding fine enough for espresso. 



This selection DOES NOT include the filter burr set.

1 grinder per customer
Due to high demand, we're only allowing customers to order 1 grinder at this time. We reserve the right to cancel additional orders.


Color: Pure White Espresso Burr