Mazzer Omega Hand Grinder

Sale price$ 7,490.00

Decades of Reliabilty Has Come Home

Founded in 1948 and based in Venice, Italy, Mazzer has built an unquestionable reputation for commercial espresso machines such as the Super Jolly, Kony, and Robur models. If you've visited a specialty cafe in the last twenty years, there's a very good chance that your espresso was ground with a Mazzer grinder. Now, this industry-trusted giant is coming to the home market with the flagship Omega hand grinder. Crafted using premium materials and sporting a solid, yet minimalistic design, the Mazzer Omega is both versatile and easy to use. With its ability to produce phenomenal particle uniformity from Turkish to French Press applications, the Mazzer Omega is built for uncompromising coffee quality at home and on-the-go.


Precision Both Inside & Out

While Mazzer was clearly focused on comfort and ease-of-use when designing the Omega, nothing was sacrificed when looking at this grinder from a precision point-of-view. The Omega's True Zero calibration ensures that each unit's burrs actually touch at the zero marker, so you never have to mark where your true starting point is. This feature, paired with the Omega's exact 0.033mm of burr movement per click microsteps (33 microns) ensures that dialing in your coffee to your preferred taste and extraction levels are achieved as simply as possible. The Mazzer Omega's handle and pommel are both foldable and removable for perhaps the slimmest form factor of any hand grinder cuurently on the market.


Sound, Sturdy Grinding Capabilities

At the heart of any coffee grinder are the burrs. The Mazzer Omega features 47mm hardened steel, conical burrs. These burrs are designed and manufactured by Mazzer for the Omega hand grinder, specifically. In short, this means that these burrs carry with them the trusted stamp of the brand. These burrs do not have a coating on them that will wear off over time. The burrs are rust-resistant, as is the aluminum housing in which they sit. With the Ross Droplet Technique becoming more and more commonplace, Mazzer wanted to ensure that the internals would not be damaged by RDT. The geometry of the burrs inside the Omega hand grinder also guarantees astonishing particle uniformity whether you're brewing for Turkish, espresso, or your favorite, single-origin pour-over.



Manufacturer: Mazzer
Model: Omega
Burr Type/Size 47mm conical
Capcity: 42 grams
Materials: Stainless steel, anodized aluminum, carbon fiber
Region of Manufacturer: Italy
Dimensions: 7.7" H x 3" W x 3" D
Weight: 26.5 oz