Chemex Ottomatic 2.0 Brewer

Sale price$ 1,075.00

    Its clean and simple design perfectly compliments the elegance of the glass Chemex carafe. The unmistakable quality and effortless functionality are in tune with our enduring philosophy that beauty and science can be one in the same.

    The Ottomatic coffeemaker used together with the scientifically designed, patented Chemex Bonded Filters and the Chemex carafe brewing process delivers the perfect cup of coffee, without any sediment or bitter elements - every time. Now with an optional Iced Coffee Mode!

    Automatically manages key brewing variables such as:

    • Pre-Infusion
    • Contact time of water to coffee
    • Heating water to the Specialty Coffee Industry target temp (197.6F-204.8F)
    • Hot Plate keeps the coffee warm for up to 30 minutes to avoid burning or compromising flavour.

    Introducing the “Greedy Cup” Sprayhead Technology:

    • Staged brewing cycle
    • Pulsing water bath which ensures maintained temperature
    • Wetting of entire coffee bed
    • Facilitating even extraction
    Title: 6 Cup