Barista Hustle AutoComb Espresso Distribution Tool

Sale price$ 3,900.00

Distribution Simplified

The Barista Hustle AutoComb espresso distribution tool is a fully manual WDT featuring 12 carefully arranged needles spinning at high speed, streamlining the process of espresso distribution to about 5 seconds. This innovative tool mechanically fluidizes coffee grinds, creating a fluffy and homogenous mass within seconds, perfectly primed for tamping. Compatible with a wide range of popular 58mm baskets and portafilters, the AutoComb features tool-free depth adjustment to accommodate portafilters up to 25g. Its robust construction, made from anodized aluminum, impact-resistant ABS, acetal, and stainless steel, ensures durability even in busy cafe environments.

Maintenance is a breeze with user-removable parts and allen keys supplied for cleaning. The AutoComb's sliding carriage, holding the needles, can be removed without tools, providing easy access for a thorough cleaning. Sealed and lubricated ball bearings guarantee long-lasting performance, while the tool's impact-resistant design withstands bench drops and portafilter bashes.


What's in the Box

  • 1 x AutoComb with 12 needles installed
  • Tube with approx. 38 spare needles
  • Allen keys
  • Card with qr code for the quick-start guide and manual


  • Streamlines distribution to 5 seconds
  • Adds consistency to WDT process
  • Compatible with most 58mm Baskets up to 25g, with the exception of some new-age baskets with unique geometries.


Manufacturer: Barista Hustle
Materials: Made from anodized aluminum, impact resistant ABS, acetal, and stainless steel
Dimensions: 135 x 115 x 80mm, 305g
Warranty: 90 Days Parts