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The Allground is the ultimate home grinder and we’re crushing over this one for a few reasons. First off, you can easily and intuitively grind for different brew methods; espresso, Moka pot, and filter brews. Beyond that, the revolving nut makes it easy to dial in your desired grind texture so you can play around with different roasts. Its made with flat burrs for more consistent grinds that are Redspeed Titanium coated with a life expectancy of about 6-8 years. To eliminate vibration and noise, the casing was thoughtfully engineered so you can have peace of mind that fresh grinds are acceptable at any hour. Additionally, it's easy to clean. All in all, it's a great-looking grinder, styled with a gorgeous touchscreen interface comprised of visual cues that are highly intuitive.

AllGround Home Coffee Grinder Features

The AllGround really is the ideal home coffee grinder because you can adjust your grind settings to match your brew style. Effortlessly switch between espresso, Moka pot, and manual brews using the highly intuitive touchscreen interface. It's the most beautiful coffee grinder out there and foolproof for any skill level. 

  • A home grinder for Moka pot, espresso, and filter brews so your morning coffee just leveled up.
  • Color-changing screen, based on grind type, with endless grinding combinations.
  • 64mm Redspeed Titanium coated burrs with a life expectancy of about 6-8 years.
  • The casing was engineered to eliminate vibration and noise so this is a quiet grinder.
  • Modern styling with a gorgeous touchscreen interface.
  • This Black with Rose Gold version will be the highlight of any rose gold kitchen design and will look extra fabulous blended in with copper & brass accents.

PRO TIP: This grinder comes with a grinds container and we suggest using it for Moka pot and filter brew grinds. You'll save yourself the trouble of cleaning up grinds spray. To clean the container, we found that a grinder brush made things simple. And to keep the touchscreen free of fingerprints, a microfiber cloth works wonders.

About the Brand

For over 80 years Fiorenzato has been providing coffee connoisseurs the secret ingredient to brewing the best-tasting cups from freshly ground beans: the coffee grinder. For years these Italian-made grinders have been known for their vanguard in design and technology providing consistency and reliability in every cup. Responsive touchscreen displays can be used to monitor coffee stats or quickly change grinding modes and dose times so baristas can trust that drinks are always stable and business owners can stay on top of maintenance needs. Burrs are produced in-house with a computerized numerical control machine yielding great results every time. Best of all the defining feature of a Fiorenzato grinder is its reputation for being very clean on the bar with little spray or messy waste. All in all these espresso grinders are intuitive, easy to learn on, and high-quality. Get the best cup of coffee with a Fiorenzato.