Fetco CBS NG Series

Sale price$ 32,300.00

The next generation of the XTS brewers are here in the new ‘NG’ series, otherwise known as the ‘Next Generation’ or ‘2200’ series’. The 2200 series brewers have been thoughtfully redesigned with a highly responsive touch screen that responds much like a smart phone. Compared to the XTS touch screens, this is a highly modernized screen with more intuitive functionality. These brewers include all the same brew variable controls as the XTS but include new features including an electrical lattice, front panel access for servicing, laser welded tanks for better durability and programmable water dispensing. The primary difference between the new Extractor Plus (1200 series) and the NG is the touch screen, the programmable hot water dispensing (vs spigot in the 1200), greater control over the frequency of brew pulses during a cycle (NG), a bypass valve that allows for bypass brewing (NG 2250 and 2260 series only), and a brew light indicator on the body that shows when the brewer is in mid cycle (NG). These updates are intended to improve durability and serviceability, and allow users to dial in coffee extraction more carefully.

These brewers come with the option of highly durable plastic baskets for optimal heat retention and cost savings, but stainless steel baskets are included in some variants and don’t need to be ordered separately. As the model number increases, so does the hourly brewing capacity and power. The fourth digit in the model number (like 2231 or 2232) indicates whether the model is a single station or dual station. Various voltage and wattage options are also available for each model to help accommodate power and capacity needs. Refer to the spec table at the bottom of the listing for more information about how each option is configured.

Before you get started you'll need a few accessories along with your new Fetco 2200 series brewer: Fetco F002 13"x5" Paper Filters, and either airpots or thermal dispensers for serving. We recommend the Fetco L4S-10 - Luxus Thermal Coffee Dispenser - 1 Gallon along with a serving station , or a Fetco L4D-10 - Luxus Thermal Dispenser - 1 Gallon with an integrated stand. To upgrade from a plastic brew basket, or to add another for prep, you can also order a Fetco B003218B1 13 in. x 5 in. Stainless Steel Brew Basket .

Size: CBS NG 2241 Single Station