Fellow Ode Brew Grinder Gen 2.0

Sale price$ 6,999.00

  • Introducing the new and improved Generation 2 Ode Coffee Filter Grinder by Fellow. A lot of R&D was put into the design of the burrs and the result was a finer grind with a broader grind range (250-300 microns). Other improvements were a slightly bigger hopper (while still maintaining the Ode's attractive compact size) better feed angles so beans slide more easily into the auger, and of course, next-generation technology applied to the grinder chute that eliminates static cling for less grind mess. 

    So if you like your AeroPress, pour-over, drip coffee, french press, or cold brews to impart a balanced flavor profile with enhanced body and sweetness with medium clarity then this is for you. If you want a fairly quiet grinder that looks pretty on your kitchen counter and is easy to keep clean, this is also for you. And if you are just looking for a value-loaded home filter coffee grinder, that's inexpensive yet designed for specialty coffee at home, well you've found it too. So to summarize this grinder is great looking, high quality, and budget-friendly. 

    Ode Brew Generation 2 Coffee Grinder Features

    • Burr upgrade: 2.0 flat burrs, uncoated, with grind capabilities 250-300 microns and up.
    • Better grinding ability for finer grind range such as pour-overs.
    • 31 grind settings - does not grind for espresso.
    • Large grind dial.
    • Grounds knocker.
    • Bigger hopper capacity (100 grams of coffee).
    • Better feed angles so beans feed better into the auger.
    • Dosing cup increased in size, to hold that extra 15 - 20 grams you get from the grind.
    • Newly designed grinder chute to eliminate static cling for less grind mess.
    • Compact, and great looking with a matte finish so it's easy to keep it clean of fingerprints.
    • Quiet grinding with an automatic stop.
    • Included; grinds brush, dosing cup & grind recommendations for your brew (on the underside of the hopper lid).
Color: Negro