Coffee Roast Colour Analyser Plus Black Edition

Sale price$ 35,900.00

The CM-100 Plus Coffee Roast Color Analyser allows you to classify the roasting degree (or delta) between whole bean and ground to better understand the roasting curve and end result.  The goal is for better quality control, whether you're a coffee roasting vendor, coffee shop owner, or passionate home roaster.  The CM-100 Plus supports a fast key, has high accurate measurements, works on long hours (up to 6 continuous hours of use), and is easy to carry and store.

The CM-100 Plus is the latest version of the Coffee Roast Colour Analyser, and comes in Black, with red infra-red LED lights.


  • NIR photometer tells the caramelization from the coffee beans or ground
  • Roast degree measuring range: 5-130
  • Accuracy: Reads in both SCAA and Agtron scale
  • One-touch quick measuring key
  • Infrared photometer reads the caramelization from the coffee beans or grounds
  • Stores up to 200 measurement results
  • Supports SCAA scale
  • Can be used while charging
  • Auto-power offsetting
  • Supports measurements results output to PC


  • Working hours: 6
  • Warm-up time: 1 minute
  • 2.6 inch 128 x 64 OLED panel size
  • Light: Infra-red LED
  • Sensor: Infra-red Sensor
  • Battery: Li-ion 1150 mAh Battery
  • Working Temp of 0-45C
  • Dimensions: 123.4mm / 4.86in x 123.4mm / 4.86in x 132mm / 5.20in
  • Weight: 230g / 8.11oz
  • AC adapter: 110 - 240V, 50/60Hz
  • Charging input: 5V, 2A
  • Certification: CE, FCC (every two years)
  • Panel Colour: Red
  • Housing Colour: Black
  • Housing material: ABS and Aluminium
  • Charging Method: MicroUSB Port
  • Log Output: micro USB Cable

Using the CM-100+ is simple:

  1. Fill the tray with whole beans or ground coffee.
  2. Using the metal ruler, ensure the coffee is evenly spread and as level as possible.
  3. Once the CM-100+ has warmed up, select your application (ground or whole bean) and place CM-100+ over the coffee.
  4. Then press enter. You can rotate the device at 90 degrees to check the average of measurements.