Coffee Roast And Ground Size Analyser

Sale price$ 49,900.00

The Lighttells CM-200 portable Coffee Roast Degree, Uniformity and Ground-Size Analyser is designed to measure the roast degree, and roast uniformity for both whole bean and ground bean, and it can also analyse the distribution of ground size. It is a useful portable tool with its user-friendly interface, accurate performance and reliable quality.

The CM-200 provides you with accurate SCAA Gourmet numeric scale results and displays a variety of name terminology corresponding to the result (Light, City, Italian, etc). Besides roast degree, it also provides the color uniformity of how your coffee beans were roasted, and if you would like to check how your grinder performs, the CM-200 can analyse the distribution of ground size, this would make your grinder calibration much easier.

The perfect addition to any coffee shop, roastery or for the particular home user. 


  • No warming up is needed
  • Automatic whole bean/ground bean recognition
  • Roast degree analysis
  • Uniformity of roast color analysis
  • Ground size analysis
  • Fast and easy calibration for better accuracy measurement
  • Results in SCAA Gourmet scale
  • 100 records of [Scale] and [Particle]
  • Embedded SCAA and Common Roast Names
  • Calendar and Time settings
  • Sieve Style selection
  • Auto Power Saving
  • [Particle] and [Scale] measuring quick key