APRIL Brewer Pour-Over Kit

Sale price$ 1,700.00


In collaboration between April Coffee Roasters of Copenhagen, Denmark, and design company Serax, comes the lovely porcelain April Pour-Over Brewer. A new and innovative pour-over brewer that's easy to use and allows everyone to brew better-tasting coffee. Created to keep up with the modern progression of coffee roasting, it's designed to allow you to extract the most out of your coffee, focusing on balance and sweetness at all temperatures.

A unique flat bottom structure regulates the flow rate to produce a consistently sweet and balanced taste experience.

Brew directly into the April custom designed cup for an enhanced aroma experience or into a larger server for sharing. Use the lid to create the optimal aroma experience and keep your brewed coffee at the perfect drinking temperature.

At World Brewers Cup 2019, the April Pour-Over Brewer scored the highest cup score in the competition and contributed to a silver medal overall.