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From touch, to sight, to smell - the Sense Carafe is specifically designed to enhance the sensory experience of enjoying specialty coffee. Use Sense Carafe with the Orea V3 brewer and Sense Glass!

Orea Sense Carafe - A focus on Sensory Experience

Orea seeks to specifically focus on the sensory experience with this carafe. Every design decision was made with sensory exploration in mind, pairing incredibly well with the rest of the Sense collection. The sensory experience is often overlooked, but we think it's an extremely important part of the specialty coffee experience. In fact, this carafe uses a similar "neck" design as the Sense Cups - which means that you can even drink from it comfortably.

Handcrafted from lab-grade Borosilicate glass, built for durability.

This Sense Carafe has 400ml (13.5oz) capacity, and is perfect for 1-2 cup brews up to 300ml, which leaves plenty of room to have cool areas to touch and handle at lower weights.