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Would you like to offer a better and faster coffee service so both your baristas and customers are happier? Do you wish you could provide a more sustainable workflow for your baristas so they could have more time to engage with your customers? We’ve got you. This grinder is dialed in when it comes to speed, efficiency, and workflow. It features grind by weight technology so that you can simplify the bar and expedite the workflow by eliminating the extra dosing tools. It also has a climate control system to control the heat coming off the motor, defending the flavor of your coffee. And when it's time to clean house, the grinding chamber can be released by two levers making cleaning quick and simple. Buy one for a medium-volume coffee business or use it as a secondary espresso grinder to your F83

F64 EVO XGi PRO Grinder Features

Ideal for a medium-volume café serving up to 200 drinks a day. With XGi technology, this is the most reliable & matchless grind by weight, all-in-one system available to baristas.

  • XGi Technology: dial in the perfect dose with grind by weight (gbw) based on grams for precision and quality. The barista specifies how many grams of coffee they want using the intuitive touchscreen. The result is exact doses and perfect drinks.
  • PRO Technologydetachable grinding chamber so cleaning is simple and easy. Just detach the two levers to tidy up. The one-time grinder settings never change anytime it's detached.
  • EVO Technology: climate control system that controls the heat coming off the motor. This keeps your beans from overheating so your drink quality is always consistent.
  • M340 Flat Steel Burrs: currently the only burrs being produced using material intended for food. Burrs are produced in-house using a computerized numerical control machine to ensure absolute quality. Highly resistant to corrosion, wear, and mighty tough.
  • The IPS touchscreen display is ultra-responsive and extremely user-friendly.
  • Compatible with the PUQpress M4 automatic tamper.
  • Little spray or messy waste on the bar.
  • Italian-made quality.

About the Brand

For over 80 years Fiorenzato has been providing coffee connoisseurs the secret ingredient to brewing the best-tasting cups from freshly ground beans: the coffee grinder. For years these Italian-made grinders have been known for their vanguard in design and technology providing consistency and reliability in every cup. Responsive touchscreen displays can be used to monitor coffee stats or quickly change grinding modes and dose times so baristas can trust that drinks are always stable and business owners can stay on top of maintenance needs. Burrs are produced in-house with a computerized numerical control machine yielding great results every time. Best of all the defining feature of a Fiorenzato grinder is its reputation for being very clean on the bar, with little spray or messy waste. All in all these espresso grinders are intuitive, easy to learn on, and high-quality. Get the best cup of coffee with a Fiorenzato.



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